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CommonOffice offers a family of web-based applications to give organizations the tools to make the best use of their workforce, enhance customer relationships and improve their business performance.

Our products automate and streamline business processes for effortlessly managing an organization. Whether your environment is large or small with a simple or complex structure, CommonOffice products provide an easy to use, cost-effective solution to your workforce challenges.

HR Vacation Manager:

[ More ] The Vacation Manager automates the process for employees requesting a vacation and absentees. The employee will simply select their vacation period and their manager will be notified of this request and be given the option to approve or decline the request. 40 Different reports can be generated detailing absentees by status of request, by employee, department calendar and by manager.

TimeSheet Manager:

[ Demo ] Web TimeSheet is a strategic workforce management tool for payroll and project tracking. Designed to fit any business structure. TimeSheet is a project oriented timesheet management application for project teams. The application runs on the CommonOffice web server. Through a web browser, authenticated Project Leaders, Project Members and Administrators can access the application from any location. Project Members can enter their time towards different projects. Project Leaders can look at the real time, project time information, and generate various reports on Projects, Clients, Project Member's timesheet status, billable time, billable dollars etc. ( More )

Staff Recruitment Software:

Track internal and external job posting. Allow public to submit resume to job posting. Track posted resumes and automatically responde with standard letter. Include manager notification with workflow approval. Search for resume and talent in the Resume bank.

New Employee Checklist Manager:

This application allows the HR staff to organize and manager all the new hires tasks. Who is going to create user id and password? Who is going to setup an office, phone numbers, office security cards, payroll. The system automatically will email every party to setup the new user. It comes with Templates for different offices and easy setup.

Project Manager:

Demo ] Use our customizable, well designed Project Manager to communicate, assign and manage your day to day projects. An Internet workspace that allows you to share and manage information associated with projects and their related tasks. Use this product with your team members, customers, vendors, managers and top executives to gain control over the tasks at hand and how you are communicating. ( More )

Expense Report Manager:

[ Demo ] A collaborative tool that automates the processing of expense reports from submission to final approval. The process can be tailored to fit your organization's current approval process.  The application is capable of generating summaries and customizable reports that can be categorized according to project code, date, status or type of expenses. These reports can be imported into any spreadsheet software. ( More )

Facility & Property Management System :

Our on-line work order system empowers your tenants, customers, facility managers and employees to enter work requests, follow up on requests made and access comprehensive preformatted or self generated reports. Client satisfaction surveys can be automatically dispatched to measure service performance of the vendors, suppliers and the facility or property management teams. Our full suite of online application solutions operate on a centralized database, delivering integrated facility management, insurance management and warranty management that enables and empowers managers and owners to execute business with efficiency, alacrity and ease.

Resource Booking:

[ Demo | Member Login ] This application allows employees of an organization the ability to reserve shared resources such as boardrooms, laptops and company cars. An employee can view the available resources and reserve it for the date and time they require it.  This application allows an organization to fully utilize their resources, while eliminating the administrative overhead required. ( More )


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